Toxin Binder

Ideal feeding is vital for livestock production to reach target results with economic yield.

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Toxin Binder

SPONGE 3M is a high quality absorbent to control mycotoxins level in compound animal feed.

The SPONGE 3M has a special processed diatomaceous earth, Bentonite and yeast. Unique processing technology with 30% higher absorption capacity. Afladetox is very reliable and overall mycotoxins inhibitor.

• Strong power on Aflatoxins B1, Ocratoxins and

• Safe product 

• It has very strong absorption capacity 

• High level binding capacity 

• Lowest cost in correct dosage range 

• No harmful effect on nutrients


Diatomaceous earth: 30%
Bentonite (1m558) 15%
Kieselguhr (E-551c) 40%


Ruminants, poultry and pigs without age limit. Minimum 0.5 kg/Tm as preventive. 1 – 5 kg/Tm if there are known problem in feed.