Amino acids and Macro and Micro Mineral source

Ideal feeding is vital for livestock production to reach target results with economic yield.

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Amino acids and Macro and Micro Mineral source

ANALYSES VALUES: (Composition of 1 kg) 

Crude Protein: 20%, ME Energy (Kcal): 1.150, Methionine: 10%, Lysine: 13%, Calcium %18, Phosphorus: 12%


CAMEX can be used duringh entire production cycle for all kind of poultry feed as a amino acids and macro mineral source. It encourages development and weight gain for the poultry production. The nutrition value has safety usage margin for any kind of production phase. It is easy to register in any countries as a feed additive and feed premixs.

TARGET SPECIES: All kind poultry farming 

DOSAGE: 1- 6 kg/ Ton feed

Recommended dossage can be changed according to production yield and animal condition. 

Do not exceed temp. Store in cool and dry place.