Broad Spectrum Toxin Binder

Ideal feeding is vital for livestock production to reach target results with economic yield.

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Broad Spectrum Toxin Binder

SPONGE 5M is a high quality absorbent to control mycotoxins level in compound animal feed. It has special processed diatomaceous earth, Bentonite and yeast. Unique processing technology with very high absorption capacity. Afladetox is very reliable and overall mycotoxins inhibitor.

• Strong power on Aflatoxins B1, Ocratoxins and
Fumonisins and other complex toxins 

• Safe product 

• It has very strong absorption capacity 

• High level binding capacity

• Lowest cost in correct dosage range

• No harmful effect on nutrients


Diatomaceous earth: 30% 

Yeast: 10% 

Phytobiotic blend: 2% 

Citric Acid: 3% 

Bentonite (1m558) 15% 

Kieselguhr (E-551c) 40%


Ruminants, poultry and pigs without age limit. 

Minimum 0.5 kg/Tm as preventive.

1 – 5 kg/Tm if there are known problem in feed.