Ideal feeding is vital for livestock production to reach target results with economic yield.

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ANALYSES VALUES (Composition of 1 kg Feed) (code: 115) Methionine: 12,00%, Lysine: 14,90%, Threonine: 8.2,50% Chlorine:2.8%, Sodium:2,52%,Calcium: 15,80, 

VITAMINS, Vitamin A (E 672): 2.000.000 IU , Vitamin D3 (E 671): 700.000 IU, Vitamin E: 15.000 mg, Vitamin K3:600 mg, Vitamin B1: 500 mg Vitamin B2: 1500 mg, Vitamin B3 (Niacin): 11.000, Vitamin B5 (Panthotenic Acid): 3.000, Vitamin B6 (Piridoxin) :800 mg, Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid): 300, Vitamin B12 :4.000 mcg, Biotin :45.000 mcg, Choline chloride :120.000 mg

Iron: 6.000 mg, Copper (E3) (cupric sulfate pentahyrate): 3.000
mg, Zinc (E6) (Zinc Oxide):22.000 mg, Manganese (E5):24.000,
Iodine (E2) (potassium iodide) 270 mg, Selenium (E8) (Sodium
selenite): 60 mg,

Ethoxyquin (E324) + BHT (E321): 100.000 mg, 6-Phytases: 1.000 FTU/Ton Feed, Toxin Binder: 40.000 mg/kg, Organic acid blend: 100.000 mg; Multi Enzymes: Xylanase+Beta+Glucanase+Protease+Lipase+Amilaze: Added, Anticoccidial: Added 

The broiler flocks need different nutrient requirements according to production stages, final body weight, FCR, age and special local market conditions. Sim-Mix are prepared to meet complete nutrient need of your birds. It is formulated according to Soya+Corn, Soya+ Wheat by using strong enzyme contents. An anticoccidial is included for improved feed conversion, digestion and the reduction of wet droppings


DOSAGE: 5 Kg/ Ton Feed.

Recommended dossage can be changed according to local
conditions, availability of raw materials and their nutrient

Incorporate indicated doses in feed for fattening broilers. 6-phytase is indicated. For use in feed containing more than 0.23% phosphorus combined with phytin. Do not exceed temp. The granulation can be occured at 80 °C. Store in cool and dry place.