For better Shell Egg Quality

Ideal feeding is vital for livestock production to reach target results with economic yield.

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For better Shell Egg Quality


Vitamin A: 15.000.000 IU, Vitamin D3
3.000.000 IU, Vitamin E: 50.000mg, Vitamin K3:
5.000mg, Vitamin B1: 3.000 mg, Vitamin B2: 8.000
mg, Niacin: 30.000 mg, Cal.D-Pantothenate:
15.000mg, Vitamin B6: 5.000mg, VitaminB12: 20mg,
D-Biotin: 100mg, Folic Acid: 1.000 mg,VitaminC:
50.000mg, Choline Chloride: 200.000mg, Manganez:


Iron: 60.000mg, Zinc:60.000mg, Cooper: 5.000mg,Cobalt: 200mg, Iodine: 1.000mg, Selenium:200mg


Saccharomyces Cerevisiae: 6 x 1010 CFU ENZYMES: Phytase: 500 IU, Protease: 250.000 U, Cellulase: 140.000 U, Xylanase: 100.000 U