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The Animal Nutrition Specialist

Simya Ltd. has been in the market of farm animal nutrition for the past 15 years, this has given us a unique opportunity to understand and supply market-specific products.
Engagement with end customers is a tradition at Simya nutrition Ltd. it does not only allow us to know our market better, also it give us confidence of what we do and how we should do it.
Barbaros Gökçeyrek
Sımya Founder


We believe that generations fed with nutrient-rich and healthy animal sourced foods will have a long and quality life.


To provide nutritional solutions that will achieve the optimum benefit economically based on local conditions.


Integrity, Quality, and Profitability


Providing basic, economic and usefull solutions

Why Us?

In Simya we provide you over all concept and products to support and protect your animal in any condition and any market. We support our customers to achieve optimum performance along with economic balance to maximise their profit. We are currently present in many countries and our network is getting stronger through Asia, Africa, and Middle East.
We engıneer your feed solutıons.

Our dedicated experts

Simya team is actively trying to meet our customers and business partner’s needs. Check latest updates from Simya teams below:

Quality Assurance is not just quality testing, it is a dynamic, on-going process. Our strict enforcement of the highest quality products is intended to comply with international registration standards, which in most cases are far higher than the local requirements. We use only independent lab for quality assurance and control.


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Simya provides wide range of animal health nutrition solutions to help farmers manage their farms effectively.
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