Termostable, Granulate Compaund Enzyme

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Termostable, Granulate Compaund Enzyme

DILOZYME HTR is a refined enzymes compound, designed according to the NSP anti-nutritional characteristic and nutritional value of miscellaneous meals based diet such as corn-soybean, rapeseed meal, canola meal, sunflower meal, palm kernel meal and coconut meal etc.

Cellulase 1,200u/g
Xylanase 15,000u/g
Beta-Glucanase 2,400u/g
Protease 2,500u/g
Alpha-Amylase 150u/g
Pectinase 1,500u/g
Beta-Mannanase 1,500u/g
Alpha-Galactosidase 100u/g

COLOR: Brown

APPEARANCE: Granular / Powder

DOSAGE: 100 – 150g of DILOZYME HTR per ton of feedstuff or related material; or add according to the formulations of various ingredients.


DILOZYME HTR should be stored under dry and cool condition to maintain maximum activity retention. At room temperature under 25, enzyme activity remains more than 95% after 18 months of the production date.

PACKAGING: 25kg / bag