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PHYTONASE -HTR – Thermostable granulate.

PHYTONASE HTR 10.000 is a new generation 6-phytase enzyme [EC] produced from up-to-date strain technology through submerged fermentation and special granulation technology. PHYTONASE HTR is the-most-widely-recognized thermostable phytase that can be used in high temperature pelleting process. Phytonase HTR 10000 catalyses the hydrolysis of phytic acid, an indigestible, organic form of
phosphorus in grains, and releases a form of inorganic phosphorus that can be digested by poultry and

DILOZYME E -HTR – Thermostable granulate NSP enzyme.

DILOZYME HTR is a refined enzymes compound, designed according to the NSP anti-nutritional
characteristic and nutritional value of miscellaneous meals based diet such as corn-soybean, rapeseed
meal, canola meal, sunflower meal, palm kernel meal and coconut meal etc.
Cellulase, Xylanase, Beta-Glucanase

SIMOXIDASE -HTR – Thermostable granulate Glicose Oxidase enzyme.

SIMOXIDASE is a concentrated Glucose Oxidase (EC No., which is made from a fungal strain by
submerged liquid fermentation through cultivation and extraction technique. SIMOXIDASE is a new type of enzyme for feed industry, which can improve the intestinal environment of animals, prevent the animals from gastrointestinal infections, diarrhoea. It can also help the animal improve the absorption and digestion of feed, to promote the animal’s growth.