Salmocid® is formulated on the basis of organic acids (mostly formic and propionic) and their ammoniated salts. Formic acid is the most powerful bactericidal organic acid. Its constant application –along with its salts- on a regularly controlled basis provide an optimal hygienization of feed and raw materials. Our control program -including the constant revision of our machinery and the adjustment of doses according to the regular performed analyses-, combined to the selected ingredients in Salmocid®, is able to provide the needed guarantee on microbiological feed safety.
Product Specifications
From 1000 to 3000 g per ton of raw material or feed according to microbiological contamination and risk of raw material
Chemical Name  
Formic acid, min. 40%
Propionic acid, max. 25%
Acetic acid, max. 25%
Carrier, up to 100%
Physico-chemical Properties  
Color: Yellow
Appearance: Turbid
Odor: Irritating
Presentation: liquid (IBC 1000 l)
Apparent density: 1.10 Kg/ l
p.H: 3.53
Dissolves in water with no limit
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