Feed and water additives

Our feed and water supplements are reliable source to meet your animal requirements for reaching aimed target. Our additives are available both in liquid and powder form with wide range formulations to support and protect your production. We believe that optaining gut integrity and creating strong immun system at early ages of the livestocks by the suppements will lead economic production and healthy birds.

Simya Ltd provides you complete range feed additives to increase your flock performance and protect your birds. In addition we are able to produce customized formulations to meet your regional or seasonal requirements

  All reactions in the body take place in the watery environment and also water is truly unique way to intake soluble nutrients. We offer complete water soluble nutrients for your birds to support and care them for economic production and elevated flock performance   Different type feed grade antibiotics and anticoccidials are available to cure your birds in case of their sickness based on field veterinary or farm manager advice.
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